Our story

Gouda cheese has been made for hundreds of years in the Gouda area of Holland. Local dairy farmers would process their fresh cow milk into cheese. Once a week this was then sold at the local cheese market in Gouda. This was our families’ way of living for many generations and still is.

In 2020, we followed in this tradition and started making cheese east of Innisfail, Alberta, according to our century old family recipe. The milk arrives fresh from the local dairy farms, which we than turn into delicious, local handcrafted cheese.

We make plain, as well as more than 10 different flavors: Cumin, Jalapeno, Caraway, Paprika/Onion, Chives, Cranberry, Italian, Crushed Chili Pepper, Garlic, Fenegreek and Smoked cheese.

Our name

Our name ‘Alberta Pike’ might be confusing, as no fish products is being used in the process of making cheese ;) . Pike is translated to Snoek, which is our last name.

On this image you can see my grandfather selling his cheese on the cheese market in Gouda in Holland in the early 70's.

Our cheese is available in many central Alberta local produce stores.

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Contact details:

+1 (403) 449-0015